British Airways Introduces Brilliant Solution To Airport Check-In Lines

British Airways is trialing a scheme to overcome the tediousness of waiting to check-in.

Who likes to stand in line? Even a Brit like me—and Brits are renowned (or is that mocked?) for loving to queue—hates waiting while a seemingly endless succession of people snakes endlessly to your destination.

Not to mention that standing in too-close quarters indoors for extended periods may not feel, you know, safe just now.

So, the news that British Airways is introducing a new technology from Qmatic is very promising.

It’s a way of pre-booking a time slot for check-in before you go to the airport. It’s optional, by the way, you don’t have to use it, but if you do then you’ll get an email in advance, inviting you to choose your personal check-in time.

When that moment arrives, the system lets you know so you can go to the dedicated desk.

What do you think?


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