Breakthrough of the Unspoken: Special lady Returns

As a patient suffering from various gynaecological conditions, your wish is to wake up without having symptoms like nausea, irregular menstrual periods, migraine, mood swings, insomnia, chronic pain and fatigue. Speciallady was established in order to educate women and young girls going through uncertain health journey.

In October 2018, Elizabeth Amoaa Advocate of Speciallady visited schools in Ghana to create awareness on these unspoken topics, where she and her team donated thousands of pads and educated students on menstrual hygiene and gynaecological conditions. She intends to visit Ghana again in 2019 with Jenny’s Foundation, who aim to educate people on Dyslexia, Autism and various disabilities. Since these topics are rarely discussed among our African society, we tend to ignore the psychological Trauma of these people who have to live their daily lives questioning their identity or purpose on this earth.

Jenny’s Foundation was established by Jennifer Asenso, a special needs professional who believes that ‘Disability is not an inability”. Therefore, the stereotype aspects of Disability must be broken. Jenny’s Foundation have also been visiting Ghana on numerous occasions to donate and support disabled children and their families also donated to Nzulenzu. In Ghana, there seems to be less focus on human rights for the disable ones. This is why governments bodies, and Individuals must come together to implement support, and laws which will benefit the disables. In addition, doctors tend to ignore patients concerns or doubts.

For over 20 years, doctors put a blind eye on Elizabeth questions and concerns regarding her constant hospital admissions, fainting, irregular menstrual periods, infections etc. She persisted the doctors and finally got answers to her uncertainty health journey. Although she still suffering from Endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts and was born with a condition called Uterus Didelphsys. (Having a double womb, double cervix and double vagina canals), knowing her medical conditions have enable her to live a healthy lifestyle and shared her story with others.

Hence, all these experiences encouraged both Elizabeth and Jennifer to set up foundations to reach out others going through such tough and challenging health or life journey. Irrespective of one’s medical conditions they are still Special and Unique.

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