Bloggers causing celebrities to live fake lifestyles – Kwaku Manu

Kumawood Actor, Kwaku Manu is blaming Ghanaian bloggers for the fake lifestyles of celebrities especially those trying to live beyond their means.

He revealed that most of them have been portrayed by these writers as persons who are wealthy but in real life their resources do not really match up to what has been showcased forcing some of them to go borrowing clothes in boutiques.

This he noted has resulted in many of them running into serious debts expressing worry that the situation becomes alarming when they are set to be featured on red carpets at public events.

Actor, Don Little is also reported to have said that most celebrities in Ghana live from hand to mouth and just show off to the public that they are rich.

Don Little disclosed this when he was speaking on Accra-based Accra FM.

He mentioned that the movie industry is dead and that he now survives from hand to mouth likewise most of his colleagues.

When asked if he has used his fame to acquire any property yet, he mentioned that he has not been able to do that adding that he will do so when things are made right in the movie industry.