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Blakk Rasta Gives Mpumalanga A New Anthem (Video)

When Blakk RASTA spoke to the media in Soweto on his last visit in December, he said he was falling in love with South African House music and would be recording one on his return to Ghana.

To the shock of fans, two days after Blakk Rasta left South Africa, he presented a complete song titled Mpumalanga and it was House music, hotter than expected. It is a hit.. capable of stopping any dance here on earth or in space. It does not matter where. People who heard the joint were equally blown away like chaff in a crazy harmattan whirlwind.

When Blakk Rasta spoke about recording a song for Mpumalanga, many wondered why and he hit it in the head. “The place of the Rising Sun is the custodian of life and sees daylight before anywhere else. It represents the energy of life.” He said with a serious face.

This is the first song known dedicated to the Eastern Province of Mpumalanga in South Africa and, it is beyond befitting.

Mpumalanga, in Zulu simply means, place/land of the rising sun. One can only imagine how fans will receive this banger for the new year. Blakk Rasta did not disappoint at all. This is the newest in the line of hits for 2020… A befitting New Year gift.

Blakk Rasta was in South Africa to launch his new Timbuktu By Road album and it was sweet seeing the eloquent, multi-faceted Rastaman represent Africa so effortlessly

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