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Biography Of Gospel Pianist Peter B Israel GP

Peter B. Israel is a brand name whose fan-base is across geographical boundaries of different continents. Born and bread in Ghana, Peter B. Israel showed an interest in music from a tender age.

His first instrument, the C cornet trumpet was just the sign and the right beginning towards his destiny as an artist.

He carved his talent through church choir performances, local gigs and studio work. At the age of 14, Peter fell in love with reggae music and played all kinds of instruments at the church with much interest in the guitar and C cornet trumpet.

Growing up in Ghana in a suburb known as Osu, Peter started a musical group with his childhood friends, Isaac and Osei known as “the levite” from the Methodist Church. He later joined another group called “Zest Vibrant” led by Jerry Harden Brooks where he was just a bass player, but one day, in the absence of their keyboardist during rehearsals, He was asked to play the keyboard, as creative as he is, Peter was able to use the knowledge he gained from playing the bass guitar and C cornet trumpet to play the keyboard.

Although the group played shows in those era, it did not lived up to expectation, which led to the formation of His personal group called “Wassel Brass Jazz Band” made up with Makafui Kwame, Henry Datsomor, David Okine and Isaac Asante between the period of 1991-1992.

The group grew and started live recording, the first artiste recorded by “Wassel Brass Jazz Band” was Jackie Ankrah.

After some few years Peter met Danny Nettey and Appietus where they mentored him on how to be advanced in the music business as a producer.

In the process of mentorship, He came across Fredimer who just set up a recording studious from Kay’s frequency where He brought inn Danny Nettey and Appietus to work with. Peter was then a junior sound Engineer who assist in production and at the same time learning from the aforementioned.

A couple of musicians such as Amanzeba known in real life as Nat Banini was recorded by Danny Nettey with a support from Peter. Then Danny Nettey moved from Kay’s Frequency to form his own group together with Peter known as “IAT” which means “It About Time” where He Danny Nettey can begin his solo career as a singer. Peter Baffour was the only pianist who played with Danny Nettey when He begun his musical journey and toured with him throughout the whole of Ghana.

Danny Nettey later travelled to America and wanted Peter to record an album for him but Peter declined with a request of inculcating “Wassel Brass Jazz Band” into “IAT” band which Danny Nettey also disagreed but later agreed when He came back to Ghana. The two groups emerged and was called Danny Nettey and Co but later changed again to IAT band.

The IAT band did a live DVD Album recording at the National Theater in Accra, Ghana in 2004 with the theme “Men Of Worship” and that was the first time Peter worked with gospel musician Nii Okai. Eric Dolfie, Kojo Oppong and Teddy who happened to be a Liberian vocalist was nurtured by Peter B Baffour performed at the show. The IAT production was a formation of “Kings Jubilee”, “Wassel Brass Jazz Band” and Danny Nettey.

After the live recording, Danny Nettey was satisfied and requested for His personal live recording so Peter booked TV3 premises for Danny’s first live recording which was a success. Up until then, Peter was working with renowned Ghanaian Highlife musician Kojo Antwi in his studious known as “Nice Knows” at Kwashiman and Sammy Helwani.

In 2001, Sammy Helwani mentored Peter after learning engineering from Danny Nettey and later built a recording studious for himself after working with Kojo Antwi for three years. Peter named his studious T-Vibes where he recorded top notch Ghanaian musicians such as Kofi B, Ofori Amponsah, Terry Bonchaka of blessed memory, King Ayisoba, George Darko, Slim Buster and Yaw Sarpong.

He was also contracted by Mikey Osei Berko aka Master Richard to record the popular Radio programme “Kokonsa” which has been aired for decades. He also played at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel as their entertainment pianist. With a humble beginning, Peter B. Israel became popular in the year 2004 amongst all genre of musicians in Ghana before traveling to South Africa to seek greener pastures and also to broaden his scope in music.

As multi talented as Peter is, in the year 2002 He produced an American musician Bridget Blutcher who won an award with it in the Caribbean. He later came back to Ghana to produce Danny Nettey’s popular song “metease “ then went back to South Africa again and never came back.

He advanced his knowledge for music at the University of Winneba in Ghana and has excelled in his own right as a producer, by producing for award winning artistes such as Bridget Blucher(USA) Bridgy Hayes(Dublin) Peter Mabula(South Africa) Kelly Khumalo(South Africa) Danny Nettey(Ghana) Louisa Annan(Great Britian) Jackie Ankrah(Ghana) and many more. He is the founder and director of Thokoza Africa, a South Africa recognized group and has directed and lead many musical groups in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa, Swaziland and Europe. He has performed with the likes of Ron Kenoly(USA) Paul Wilbur(USA) Chidinma Okafor(Nigeria) Soweto Afro Pop Opera(South Africa) of which he directed the groups European tour that landed them on the Scotland Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Monarchs Praise of SING OUT Fame(Ghana) James Okon(South Africa) Dietrick Haddon(USA) Roger Samuels(England) and many more. He continues to work with churches in South Africa and abroad, ministering and assisting in the establishment of music ministry through directing and his school of worship where he teaches music ethics, biblical principles and voice training. Peter B. Israel popularly known as GP(Gospel Pianist) has been a Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Arranger and a Songwriter for over 20years. He’s now a Minister and a Recording Artist. He released his first Album in the United Kingdom on the 3rd of January 2015 and recently released a music video “HELP” FT Marshall Ukoh on his 40th birthday on the 2nd of September.

It’s once in a life time do meet a man who has the spirit and the skill to interpret a song and carry the spirit of the song to another level.

Peter B. Israel due to travelling is global in thinking yet local in interpretation. His fingers on the piano and vast experience shows on all he touches. He is the man you want to work with and add his flare on your music…a joy and breeze of fresh air on the music scene. He is the star behind the wise man and the last born of a family of four siblings.


1) The Artist (The Gospel Pianist)
Peter B. Israel has shared platform with some of the world’s best artists of the times such as … During his 2013 tour in England, He performed for the first time outside South Africa, his debut album … Without an official launch, the album received a remarkable acceptance which resulted in many invitations outside South Africa and many offers where he is recognized not only for his skill in piano but acknowledged his professionalism and efficiency.

2) The Minister(School of Worship)
Peter B. Israel uses the School of Worship to establish Music Departments in churches. His passion is to see churches perform and serve through music in a professional and proficient level.

He holds classes to give the basic music lessons to the church choirs and instrumentalists and training vocals. He has a rich content on Biblical principles in music

and uses his analogy of the David Tabernacle.

3) The Producer (South West Records)
Peter B. Israel is the founder and director of the South west Records which offers music, sound and video productions. He works passionately as a producer, an engineer and a Artist manager because of his aptitude experience in the music industry. He has excelled as a music producer to award winning artists such as: Peter Mabula (RSA), Richie Siluma, Bridget Blucher, Chidinma Okafour, Clint Brink and many more. He has also Directed for Artists Such as; Ron Kennoly, Paul Wilber, Monarch’s Praise and Danny Nettey.

4) The Engineer (The job)
Peter B. Israel is a freelance professional in sound and music engineering, studio designing and music directing. He does an outstanding work both indoor and outdoor events by setting sound to an international standard.

These are some of the events he has featured on: …

5) The Ambassador (Thokoza Africa)
Peter Isarael is the president and the director of Thokoza Africa. A gospel group established by Peter B. Israel from the previously disadvantaged settlements of South Africa, in Johannesburg (Gauteng).

It is amazing how the singers, the instrumentalists have now earned rights and stage as musicians and performing artists. The group continues to hold concerts and gospel festivals to recruit and to spread the gospel through music, performed professionally to an international standard.

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