Big twins, Edem and Indian music group collaborate to work on two songs

Ghanaian finest traditional Dance ensemble group,Big twins, popular musician Edem and Indian music traditional group are currently working on two songs together.

The trio who are working on cross cultural collaboration are done with one song and working on the second song.

The cross cultural collaboration definitely is expected to bring the beauty of both cultures and the rich mix of both African traditional music with the rich Pentatonic and percussion influenced Banjos of India.

The trio is scheduled to also tour Mexico to record some aspect of the song and sightseeing which would begin a mission to bridge African music with western culture and create a hybrid.

Mr Fuseini who is the Chief Executive Officer of Twins Cultural troupe explained that the tour is to expose Africa and Ghana to the Mexicans for a Cultural Synergy.

According to him, all countries would benefit immensely if more cross-cultural collaborations through music is encouraged.

Multiple award-winning Rapper Edem who is no stranger to international collaborations and would also embark on the tour with the team.

The Prospects of these initiatives are very good for both Ghana and Mexico, more collaborations should be encouraged to promote arts, tourism and culture.






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