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Agyin-asare to fête, medically screen 5000 poor ahead of Festival of Miracles

To mark his 35th anniversary in the miracle ministry as well as his Christ Is The Answer Campaign (CITAC), the founder of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, will be organising a free medical outreach programme and party for the less-privileged in society at the Independence Square on Saturday, 27 January 2018.

The 8am to 3pm programme will offer thousands of the less-privileged the opportunity to access free medical screening for haemorrhoids (Kokoo), breast and prostate cancers as well dental, eye and general checkups and treatment.

As part of the event, food, clothing and other items, will be freely distributed to the estimated 5000 beneficiaries.

There will be buses available to convey the beneficiaries.

Launching the miracle event at the Tang Palace Hotel in Accra on Tuesday, 2 January 2018, Bishop Agyinasare said if a miracle is any supernatural intervention in the affairs of men that amazes the human mind, then the Festival of Miracles is a timely campaign, especially now.

“When someone is born blind, deaf or dumb, many a time, only a miracle can make a difference. When the lame have tried all else but still cannot walk, a miracle is not insignificant. When we are faced with incurable congenital diseases, when our fellow human beings are afflicted with cancer, diabetes, tumours, arthritis, damaged organs and other body parts, and many others, I believe a miracle is indispensable. When many have reached their wits’ end in their finances, and cannot imagine from where they will get provision, a miracle is a game changer. And when recalcitrant and malfeasants in society have heard advice, listened to counsel, and gone through therapy, and are not reformed, a miracle must happen,” he stated.

The Chancellor of Perez University College stated that God has performed many miracles through him in many parts of the world, including the Philippines, India, Islamic Kingdom of Bahrain, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, amongst others but one of the greatest miracles which “should even make the unbeliever believe in the power of God is the growth of Perez Chapel International, which, at a point in its birth in Tamale, was under a tree”.

Through the miracle working hand of God, Bishop Agyinasare said: “This ministry has grown to the extent that it now has the biggest worship centre in this part of the world (Perez Dome, which can accommodate over 14,000 people at a time), over 500 local branches in Ghana (64 of those in Accra, alone), branches in 16 nations across the world, has a University College, has a TV station and keeps growing from strength to strength.”

Bishop Agyinasare mentioned that his ministry has also not been limited to the spiritual needs of people but also given counsel to leaders of nations, starting from Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Burundi etc., and helped to steer many of these nations unto a godly path.

He said he has also been involved in philanthropy. “I am also a believer in being a light of hope to those around me. God has used me to touch many lives through scholarships (I am glad to see some of the people I have helped become doctors and grow into different professions. In fact, there are people who go to Central University, Perez University College, some of our public universities, and a lot more who go to the SHS every year through my personal scholarship. There are many who benefit from my personal health care, and widows and orphans who are supported by me personally), health care and various acts of philanthropy. I have also authored over sixty (60) books and counting in English, some of which have been translated into French and Japanese which have been and continue to be a great resource for spiritual growth, church building and warfare prayers for Christians across the world.”

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