African writers meet in Kigali

Rwanda has for the first time hosted the Caine Prize Writers’ Workshop — an international platform aimed at recognising, training and awarding African Writers to pave the way for them to join mainstream publishing.

The two-week workshop, which took place in Rubavu brought together writers, who included Irinze Afiakandu from Nigeria, Bonkani Kano representing Zimbabwe and Rwanda’s Caroline Numuhire.

Other writers included Bongani Sibanda from Zimbabwe, Eloghosa Osunde from Nigeria, Awuor Onyango and Troy Onyango from Kenya, Dilma Dila from Uganda, Lucky Grace Isingizwe and Paula Akugizibwe from Rwanda, Heran Abate from Ethiopia and Nsah Mala of Cameroon.

“It’s been great, and another adventurous experience meeting with other writers, which is unusual, since writing is a solitary exercise,” said Awuor Onyango.

Established in 2000, the Caine Prize Writers’ Workshop is an annual platform, which brings together writers from various African countries into sessions, through which the best are selected.

The platform has in the past awarded winners from different countries including South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Organised by Huza Press, a Rwandan publishing and distribution company, Kigali Lit and Goethe Institut with the support of the Carnegie Corporation, the workshop wound up with a discussion on Readings and conversation, which took place at Kigali’s Innovation Village in Kacyiru on March 31.

The two-week exercise was co-ordinated by Vimbai Shire, Damon Galgut and Elisie Dillsworth, a UK/ Sierra Leone literally agent.

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