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African Tourism Board Chairman addresses tourism gathering in Tanzania

Looking at Africa as a single tourist destination, African Tourism Board (ATB) Chairman Cuthbert Ncube said concerted efforts ‘seriously needed’ from tourism stakeholders to make the continent a borderless tourist destination.

Mr. Ncube who was the Guest of Honor at the domestic exhibition conference in Tanzania this Friday said that visa restrictions need a quick solution to ease intra-African travel.

The ATB Chairman said that Africa needs free movement of people traveling from one nation to another in order to build a strong tourism base for Africans in areas of culture, wildlife and other heritages available in this continent.

“Africa is one. We need to make Africa a borderless tourist destination for Africans and foreign tourists coming to visit this continent,” the ATB Chairman said.

He said that domestic tourism that is vital in making Africa the best and most progressive continent through tourism gains, is also prominent among other world destinations.

“We need to design strategies that would ensure that Africa is one through movements of its own people and visitors from other continents visiting this continent to integrate with people of different cultures and heritages,” Mr. Ncube added.

“Tourism brings people from all over the world to visit Africa, so, we have the mandate to address visa restrictions to our guests who are looking to extend their visiting from one African country to another,” he said.

The ATB Chairman also stressed a quick development and strengthening of domestic tourism in Africa as an optional support to families living in areas rich with cultural, historical and wildlife resources.

“Let us liberate our continent from economic slavery by taking tourist opportunities abound in each nation and within communities in Africa,” Ncube told the conference participants.

Tourists and other visitors from Europe and the United States traveling in Africa need visas to enter each country they intend to visit during their travels and stays.

The ATB Chairman and the ATB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Doris Woerfel are in Tanzania for official working visit during which they met with participants and stakeholders at the ongoing three-day UWANDAE Expo 2020 domestic tourism exhibition.

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