Adom Praiz Live: ‘Pentecost Fire’ falls as Gyasi performs

8:50 Kwaku Gyasi is next! He enters in a cream shiny attire. If anyone wondered who he was, well his powerful voice gave him away. There is fire on the Dome, Pentecost fire! The auditorium is now a convention, a Pentecost Convention with white handkerchiefs flying all over. You cannot sit when Gyasi is on stage. No one does and even when you stand, you must jump and when you jump, you must dance and when you dance you must sing. Well the congregation stood, jumped, danced and sang in one powerfully amazing performance from the man from Pentecost. He looks a little man but his power of praise moves mountains. He moved many hearts and touched many souls all in praise of God.

8:00 She walks majestically onto the stage in a long gorgeous apparel. Her name is Diana Hamilton, a UK-based Ghanaian gospel star back home on the biggest gospel platform. She needs no introduction. Already the crowd is up with cheers, shouts ready for a great ministration and she delivers. “Osoro bekasa” [Heaven will speak] she sings. From one hit track to another, Hamilton carries the crowd along all through. There never is a dull moment. For over 45 minutes the minstrel turned the congregation into her choir and sang to the glory of God. Her dance moves are just impressive. A master performance that was.

7:40 Gospel Music duo Willie and Mike are next in an all-white apparel. The dome is now home to worship with the duo leading the thousands of worshippers. Thiers is to worship and they acquit themselves with grace to the glory of God. Together they minister a 20-minute well-rehearsed, perfectly delivered act of worship to God. It is not for nothing they are called fire-worshippers. The passion and energy is so manifest. The crowd is excited. God must be too.

live adom praiz 2018

7:20 God blesses with talents but only few come with thanksgiving to God for the talent he gave them. Tonight, Kuame Eugene a secular musician, known for his popular hit tracks is here with a song, not the popular Angela, nor the famous others. He came with a thanksgiving to God for his unlimited blessings upon his life. Who says secular musicians cannot praise or worship God in a concert? Well Kuame Eugene does that beautifully and the crowd love him. They sing along. He opens with one of Joe Beechem’s famous tracks and carries the crowd along.

6:50 Max praize gives a maximum bout of praise to God. Dressed in a three piece wine suit, Max charges the crowd with a high octane performance. He takes the tempo a notch higher. The power of praise is beginning to manifest. The whole auditorium is alive with a mixture of great Akan and English praise songs, mostly Akan. And when he introduces one of Daughters of Glorious’ songs Mikwanji Butan [My savior and my rock] Jesus the Dome turns upside down.

live adom praiz 2018

6:25 Guess whose turn it is? If this was football, one would say host and win but in the call to worship everyone wins no matter who hosts. So the Multimedia Choir is in. Hossana they sing with great dancing steps. They read news and conduct interviews but today they are here to give thanks to the one who gave them the talent they have. Amen! Amen! Amen! You know that song right? They cannot finish their performance without the new single Victory which was released this year

live adom praiz 2018

6:05 Pastor Kwame Manukure opens the curtains for what will be a great night of worship and praise. If the response from the congregants is anything to go by then we are in for a Jericho hour. The Perez Dome will not tumble but barriers, obstacles in the lives of congregants are bound to tumble. Already handkerchiefs are flying already with shouts of praise to God and approval to Pastor Manikure for a beautiful performance.

live adom praiz 2018

At 6:00pm exactly Captain Smart, host of Adom FM’s morning show, in a typical Uncle Ebo Whyte fashion officially announces the start of the show.

Sax Borsah will be a household name soon. This is good – very good. Non-stop saxophone performance has made the wait for the official start of the program so worthwhile.

The audience – the early birds – inside the Perez Dome give him a very appreciative round of applause for the saxophone rendition of many Ghanaian hits and Nigerian gospel favourites.

Of course, Nathaniel Bassey remains a constant favourite. Good show Sax Borsah.

Accra has five hours left before the roads become governable through traffic jam as all types of transport meander their way into the Perez Dome for Adom Praiz 2018.

Everything about today will be déjà vu – the traffic, the queue, the sold-out tickets.

Except the quality of the performance. That would be expected to go one notch higher.

And in Eben-Mireku duo and Hamilton-Gyasi preludes, the organisers have found a winning combo to give you the memories.

Adom Praiz has reached a brand stature where it is impervious to the state of the economy or the state of the weather. For the Christian is the person who has been surprised by the love of God and therefore finds that there is no price too much to join in public worship and praise.

And so tonight, the unemployed will sit next to the HR manager. The married will sit next to the unmarried. The broken-hearted will find a seat by the one who has just found love.

And all these people with very different conditions will find one reason to bless the Lord in equal passion for we have been loved by not what we have or are but by who God is.

The Adom Praiz organising team have pitched camp at the Dome, now the home of Adom Praiz. Rows of seats roll from the stage into the exits and curve a semi-circle. Its much like waves. And why not, there will be waves of show fans.

preparation for Adom Praiz 2018

The seats are white because Eben will perform ‘ He has given me victory’. The inner seats are red because Mireku will sing about the blood of Jesus. The cameras are high above the crowds because God is high above everybody else.

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