Actor Van Vicker hints on political ambitions, wants to become President

Ghanaian celebrated actor Van Vicker has confirmed that he has the intention of going into politics to become a government official.

If things go as the actor is planning, he would be walking in the light of John Dumelo, Dzifa Gomashie and Fritz Baffour as people who transitioned from being on the screens as just actors to become full-time politicians as well.

The Ghanaian actor as a guest on Citi FM’s Traffic Avenue confirmed his intention to Jessica Opare Saforo the host of the show.

According to Jessica, she has heard Van Vicker has political ambitions and after asking the actor he confirmed it.

“How did you hear that? … I mean yeah it is true,” the father of three said but explained that for him it is more about” serving to the people” and not just occupying a position.

Van Vicker did not however detail in what capacity he would become a politician but has hinted that he has eyes at the presidency.

Asked about his position on the FixTheCountry movement, he said “I think it’s a collective effort because if they say let’s clean our surroundings and I decide not to do it, it has a lot of repercussions”.

He continued that “so it’s a collective effort, it’s not just government fix it, it is we all fix it so I am not taking a stand that we should fix ourselves, neither is it government should fix the country, it is collectively, let’s fix the country,” Van Vicker.

“That is my stand and I didn’t want to go one way or the other because if you throw weight to one side, those who dey the other side go scatter you,” and jokingly added that “so I am thinking myself, you know what? This is gonna fix itself” the actor emphasized.

According to Van Vicker, he misses himself on the screens because school has taken his time.

The actor who recently graduated from AUC with a First Class, 21 years after completing SHS, said ” I miss myself on the screens but I am still acting … if I chop the president sef I go dey act”.