Abeiku Santana begins “So magic moment” show with two magicians (Video)

Ghanaian celebrated veteran Radio and TV personality Abeiku Santana has begun a new show with the theme “So magic moment” where he randomly pays a visit to peoples homes, work place, Restaurants, Hostels, Market places, etc with two magicians, to perform magic in an entertaining manner. 
During this entertainment, they will charm money and ask the audience to mention something which they will magically provide.
After exciting the people with their magical skills, they will proceed to clean dirty areas with the so Magic cream detergent (Soap) whiles they introduce the audience to it.
The Magic moment show According to Attractivemustapha.com is a community engagement event production that seeks to entertain viewers with real magic tricks as well as janitorial and cleaning services for free courtesy So Magic cream detergent.
This production will be aired online and on digital platforms.
The producers of the show, Kaya Management have set out milestones to reach out to Homes, Restaurants, Hostels, Market places with a real magical experience.

Kaya is a term used to describe someone who is both amazingly beautiful, wonderfully talented and with a personality fit for an Angel.

Below is the video teaser of the magic moment