A short man? No; my man should be tall – MzVee

Ghanaian songstress, Vera Hamenoo-Kpedak, known in showbiz as MzVee has opened up on the type of man she wants.

Speaking on YFM in Takoradi, the afro pop, dancehall and R&B artist shared the vital physical features she looks out for in a man she would consider as a partner.

To her, she is much concerned with the height of a man as compared to the complexion and thus she will never be willing to go for a man who is shorter than her.

In addition to bodily qualities, MzVee says she wishes for a religious man that would just love her.

“I like tall guys, you definitely need to be taller than me, I don’t want to look down on you and I don’t mind skin color, you can be chocolate, you can be light skin, that is not a problem for me. He should be hardworking, God-fearing and yeah, he should just love me, that all,” MzVee shared.

Recounting her dating experiences that didn’t seem well when asked by the program host, she said, “A bad date, definitely, hmm, I just know I have had one or two, you know when you just meet someone and you are just not clicking, the conversation is not flowing, that type of thing and sometimes it just a put you off.

“You know some people you just don’t click with them in some way, I can’t really remember details but it just around something like that. Maybe, you just don’t click so the conversation is not flowing, it’s not easy.”

MzVee since partying ways with Lynx Entertainment is doing so well and already has songs out that are doing great on the various streaming platforms.

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