A lot of female Ghanaian musicians are timid – Shatta Wale

Controversial Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has said that he does not believe the showbiz industry is for the male gender but rather one of the reasons why females are not dominating is because a lot of them have timidity and fear in them.

Speaking on United Showbiz show with host Nana Ama Mcbrown on Despite Media’s UTV, Monitored by Ghanaian Journalist and Blogger Attractive Mustapha Shatta Wale said that it is the mentality of whoever is behind the job that makes one feel it is a male industry.

‘’I think most of them don’t see it as work, I tell people your attitude towards your work will determine who you want to be and a lot of them have timidity and fear in them because I went through that process of playing free shows for people and once you go and ask for your money people say you don’t respect. So I believe those are the things that most of the females face’’. He said .

He added that most of the women in the industry are ‘ladylike’ and not the types who can switch easily so sometimes they have to get that vibe of switching, changing, and let people know that they are serious and need to get paid when they work.

‘’ For me, one thing that I always tell people is that. people they meet when they are coming out don’t tell them the truth. Most musicians have ego in them when they are talking to an underground musician, for me I say it the way it is‘’.

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