80% of Ghanaian youth misuse their time online–Kuami Eugene

Award winning Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene, born Eugene Marfo, has lamented that he is saddened by how 80% of Ghanaians especially the youth bracket do not use their time profitable.

Speaking in a one on one interview with Ohemaa Woyeje of Angel FM, monitored by the Rockstar mentioned that 80% of people who have taken delight in insulting others on social media and other media channels are young people which is derailing the nation’s development because what makes every country strong is the usefulness of the young generation.

He explained that if 80% of our generation with smart phones who can create something profitable to improve their lives and the country as a whole are online insulting personalities and people they disagree with, he deems it as a waste of time .

Kuami Eugene stated that he is doing his part for mother Ghana as a musician.

“For me, I’m doing my part as a musician so the others should think of what they can do instead of always buying data to insulting people”, he added.

He boasted of releasing at least five hit songs every year to entertain the citizens and also make good money for himself and admonished the youth to desist from always being online and criticizing others negatively but rather find jobs and activities that will generate income for their source of living and also think about how they can help develop the country.

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